Green the Grey

Beirut used to be a beautiful city… Remember those days? Yeah, we don’t either.
All we see are the old houses being torn down to make space for new high-rises, public spaces being turned into parking lots, and the only existing parks are either being removed to make space for more ugly grey buildings, or closed off to the public.

We have the right to public spaces and greenery! But we are not getting it, so we have decided to TAKE IT!

On Saturday June 4th, on the weekend of World Environment Day, we will stage a public intervention by taking over a grey space and making it green!

JOIN US to enjoy a nice day in a “park”, and to remind all those responsible that public green spaces are a RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE!!

Stay tuned… more details soon!

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One Response to Green the Grey

  1. Raneem B. says:

    As a location I suggest the area near Biel that is apparently going to be turned into a park by Solidere, then handed to the government. An intervention to make sure this spot is accessible to the public and well maintained may be necessary… at least some kind of monitoring to make sure this actually happens and it doesn’t end up being the backyard of a exclusive luxury residences.

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