Why did you attend ?

Why did you all join us on saturday June 4th 2011 ?
Thank you for all 300 people who signed !
We greened the grey and enjoyed a lovely sunny day in the park.
Photos and videos coming soon !

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7 Responses to Why did you attend ?

  1. Jad says:


    My name is Jad Baroudi. I’m a Lebanese engineer currently working in the gulf.

    What you guys are doing is really great ! I would be very grateful if you could let me know a little more about this project. I as a Lebanese am very proud of you πŸ™‚

    My email address is: jnbaroudi@gmail.com.

    Take care !

  2. leelouz says:

    hello BGP team,
    your initiative sparks some hope for all of us. Next step should be a gathering in each pubic park in Beirut, to make people aware that they do exist and that they need some maintenance. May I suggest an intervention every month? people need to be reminded constantly of what you do. GOOD LUCK!!!

    • Hello Leelouz,
      Thank you for your support and concern πŸ™‚
      and yes we are planning to gather and enjoy our time in existing public parks as well!
      and yes we need to remind people every now and then!!

  3. pbk says:

    I attended because green spaces make me happy – sitting on grass makes me feel grounded, more serene and relaxed, even clear headed… I love interacting with people, and Saturday afternoon was exactly that – an afternoon of serenity and random interactions that made me feel… like a citizen? Yes! a citizen!! Every now and then i get these patriotic feelings of pride, but rarely of true citizenship. Green public spaces are the way to a healthier and more serene society, I have absolutely no doubt. So I say, get your hands off the honking device, put down your car keys, and come sit on the grass with us πŸ™‚

  4. Didier Berdaguer says:

    Salut !

    I’m a French graduated in agriculture agro-ecology and agro-environment. I’ve started a specialisation about the Mediterranean context. In this framework I’m in Lebanon and in Beirut until October 20th, to do a study. If I can give you a part of my free time during this period in that crazy grey town, I will enjoy it a lot !

    Mobile: 76619460
    e-mail: berdaguer_d@yahoo.fr

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