Every citizen’s role in adding green spaces to the city

In the past two weeks, we’ve had two very interesting posts circulating online, two of them addressing the issue of our responsibility in creating green spaces around us in the city: Rooftops and Balconies.

Studio Invisible is a multidisciplinary design consultancy studio who recently published this conceptual project:  Beirut’s Wonder Forest.

The proposal imagines to have a municipal decree that requires each building to grow it’s simple rooftop garden, and have that mandatory.

The creation of those semi public spaces will not only create better oxygen levels and a healthy environment, but also provide neighbors with a community building recreational green space !

Sandra Rishani, on the other hand, addressed balconies in her post. Sandra Rishani is a Beirut-based practicing architect who dedicates her blog “Beirut the Fantastic” to research about urban spaces and architecture. She says we shouldn’t undermine the space in between us and the streets: the balcony.
Encouraging planters to invade their balconies with floating and hanging green can beautify the density of beirut street and further filter the air outside.

Picture by Sandra Rishani

Also, have you heard of parklets and Parking Day ?

People all over are starting to take matters in their own hands. Why wait for municipalities and governments to take decisions to make things better where we can start with the spaces we have ?

We know we want change, and we want it right now.

Let’s start these initiatives. With the holiday season coming up, why don’t you offer a tree to your loved one ? Why don’t you invest in replanting your balcony? And for your secret santa, maybe a cedar souvenir will do ? Virgin Megastore has cedar boxed ready to be planted for only 10$.

The point is, we can make a change. Little for the moment, but if we all join hands in changing certain aspects of the spaces surrounding us, it will grow and make a difference.

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3 Responses to Every citizen’s role in adding green spaces to the city

  1. soulaf says:

    Why isnt it LGP Lebanon Green Project???

  2. lara says:

    #Occupy #parking #spots in Beirut 170$/month per slot and lets make it a park

    Original http://spatiallyjustenvironmentsbeirut.blogspot.com/2011/10/get-me-out-of-this-traffic-jam.html

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