Happy World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment Day!

Two years ago, on this day, Beirut Green Project was launched! We started with a small and spontaneous street intervention, to point out the ridiculous lack of public green space in Beirut. (Video:http://vimeo.com/24378568)

Back then, we never imagined that two years later we would have a full team and be working on huge long term projects!

One year ago, we took BGP to the next level. We decided to repeat our message, loud and clear, with the help of over 400 people, for all the country to hear: We need more green spaces! This was the day we greened the grey for a day, and made Sassine into a pop-up park!
Check out the video: http://vimeo.com/25762784  and all pictures here: http://bit.ly/LklUsh

This year, on World Environment Day, we invite you all to join us for an even bigger intervention! Along with 11 NGOs in Beirut, we are going to take over 12 different spots in Beirut and cover them with grass, all together demanding the reopening of Horsh Beirut, the largest public green space in the city (by a huge margin), which has been closed to the public for 20 years! Here is the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/361233523931375/

Beirut Green Project will be taking over a part of the Cornishe in Ain el Mrayyseh on Saturday June 16th from 4pm to 7pm! We hope you will be able to join us!

At BGP, our motto is “We dream of a greener Beirut”. We hope that one day, with a lot of hard work and help from our amazing supporters (you!), this will no longer be just a dream.


The BGP Team

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