Green in the city

Most of us only see Beirut in Grey. The fact that greenery is rare and dispersed  we don’t notice the trees as much. But despite that, if we look around us as we walk, we do find from time to time, a few very beautiful and old trees. Have you read Najla Khoury’s precious book شجرة السماء “Tree of Heaven” ? It takes you on a journey from Aisha Bakkar to Ashrafieh through the trees on this path, illustrated by our very own Nadine Feghaly! Check it out:

So we came up with a challenge for you! What’s your favorite tree in Beirut?
Take the following week to look around you and find one to share with us!
Tell us where it is, and post a picture of it on our Facebook page! We will then compile them and share them with our community.

Also, join Beirut Street Photographers as they celebrate with us Green in the City this week as well for their Street Photography of the week. Check it out:

Below you can find our very own three favorite trees in Beirut!

Downtown Beirut, beginning of highway leading to Dora

In Hamra, Jeanne D’arc Street

Karacol el Druze, Rachid Nakhleh Street

And you? What’s your favourite tree in Beirut?

*Pictures must be posted before Sunday October 14th 2012

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