“Une marche verte”

If you’re in Beirut, go pick up the latest issue of Masculin(September). There’s an article from the monthly chronicle “Beyrouth marche” that traces a green path visiting all the parks in Beirut. It’s a good read and is quite interesting; so check it out!

In the article, one thing stood out from the rest. Its author, Antoine Boulad (also, co-founder of Assabil public libraries), visited Mar Nicolas park and noticed that its low visitor rate is due to the fact that the benches are in the wrong place. Instead of being in the shade of the trees, the benches are facing the fountain and have no shade, which doesn’t really make sense for a park. Maybe it could be a project we can propose to the municipality in an attempt to rethink the design of the park?

Do you think we can ask for a bench relocation in Mar Nicolas? How would you improve the design of this park with a good potential? And for those of you who go to Mar Nicolas park, what do you think about it ?

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2 Responses to “Une marche verte”

  1. Dina Yunis says:

    Thought you should know that the municipality of Beirut have renovation plans for the St.Nicolas Park where the general plan is to expand and connect it to the church. Of course who knows when such plans will actually take place.

    • Hi Dina! We spoke to the municipality last week and they confirmed that they are renovating the park, they didn’t, however, talk about connecting it to the church. Will that be a good or bad thing? Personally, I think it might exclude people with this, it should be public to all.
      We will follow up on the idea then! Thanks for informing us!

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