Beirut Green Guide

We’ve been working on a project for quite a while now, and thought it’s time we share it with you and have your input.

In january’s Hamburg meets Beirut workshop, one of the projects that were born from team number two was a printed and an interactive guide for Beirut’s parks.

The aim of this map is to increase awareness of all the green and public spaces in Beirut, and to encourage people to visit the small parks scattered around the city, to walk from place to place, to bicycle more, and to realize that Beirut has a lot of potential to become more “green”.

One of the big incentive that pushed us to start this project together is because we noticed, through our “Green your lunch break” activity, that some people are unaware of the potential of some spaces that we have, and sometimes didn’t know about them.
So we decided to take the challenge, Beirut will have a green guide telling you everything you need to know about these spaces.

Our recent post from Sin el Fil’s Green your lunch break made people realize that there are some parks they have never visited in the city yet!


After our presentation in Talk20 last April, we were approached by lovely design studio Wondereight  who liked the project so much they took it on!And the adventure started. We are now working with a team of designers and photographers to bring you this guide, and we will be talking more about it soon!



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