Gardening and Brunch: a great combination!

A fun day of DIY

On Saturday December 15th, we met up in Alt city for a fun brunch and gardening event in collaboration with FERN. More than 50 people attended an early afternoon of good food and DIY gardening! Glass jars were filled soil and a wide selection of seeds. (thank you Ziad Abi Chaker from Cedar Environmental  for the composts!). We had some nice surprises of creative planters like this toolbox, juice bottles and watering can below that were beautifully decorated at the arts corner later (Thank you Samia Boulad for the fun corner!). So next time, instead of throwing away your juice bottle, why not cut it up and use it as a planter and a nice space for growing Rocca, cucumber or radish? Even better, why not grow your own gifts for the holiday season this year?







When taking your first attempt at planting, there are four things to keep in mind and research: how much sun should your plant get? How much should you water it? How should you cut and how often? How big does the size of the pot has to be?
Watch your plant and learn from it as it might not grow the right way from the first time.
And if you’ve been lucky and had a successful growing, here’s some advice on how repot it.


We would like to thank Plastik Solutions for donating beautiful colored 100% recycled pots that went up for sale as holiday gifts! So start planning for your next creative planter as we’re gonna be having this event again real soon.


And you, how did you do?
Good luck everyone with your planting! We would like to know how your plants are doing! Please send us some pictures of the progress at with a subject: gardening brunch, and we will feature them on our blog.

All pictures can be found in this facebook album
All pictures are the property of Beirut Green Project.


See you next month!

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3 Responses to Gardening and Brunch: a great combination!

  1. Michel Boulad says:

    I loved this event.

    I wonder who did that BEAUTIFUL “Arrosoir”! 😛

  2. tgreenacre says:

    Are you planning on more events like this? Would love to come to the next one.

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