Waffir or how to help in one click


In a country with regular electricity shortage, do you think we can afford to waste more energy?

Streetlights that are on during the day are one example of this waste, a problem that caught the attention of Mr. Ibrahim Muhanna, founder of The Muhanna foundation .
Together with a team of 10 designers, they began brainstorming about solutions to solve this issue that intrigued them. Waffir was born.

Waffir (or save in arabic) is an app that allows you to report, in one click only, any improperly lit streetlamps wherever they are, in real time. If while driving, walking or gazing down a street during daytime you notice a streetlamp turned on that could mean one of two things:
– the on/off switch that operates the streetlamp is not functioning properly;
– or the set of streetlamps is undergoing maintenance.

The app geo-locates you and sends the information to a database that will be collected weekly and will notify the municipalities responsible. If the same data will repeat itself week after week, the responsible will be held accountable, and the data will be published in the media.  Waffir is not only a way for people to be more conscious about electricity waste, but it’s also a tool to hold people accountable for this waste that Lebanon can’t afford.
Since the app has been launched last week, Waffir has been downloaded on 1069 different phones (845 iPhones and 224 other smart phones), has been notified 442 times of wrongly lit streetlamps in 59 different streets all over Lebabon.

You can read full details about Waffir here: http://muhanna.org/admin/pics/Waffir%20final1.pdf


So go on, download it and try it. We cannot wait for the government to come up with solutions for these problems, it’s in our hands to drive things to the better. You might say this is a small issue in the big pile of problems we face on our country, but every little bit counts. We truly encourage such initiatives that are building awareness and contribute to more responsible citizenship. Let’s give society the little help that we can.

After all, it’s just one click away.

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 3.06.45 PM

You can download the app here: 






You can read more about Waffir in the Press:

Daily Star

Otv report (Minute 22:52)
















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