Beirut Green Guide: Exhibition and launch

Almost a month ago, on October 24th 2013, Beirut Green project officially launched the Beirut Green Guide at Tawlet, Mar Mkhayel. More than 80 people gathered for the exhibition and launch of the online version of Beirut’s first interactive map which highlights all public green spaces, giving an overview of each. This was the result of the efforts of more than a year of work in collaboration with WonderEight design studio, as part of their CSR program.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.48.31 PM

Visitors were greeted by our Map ambassadors* who further explained the project and highlighted the importance of having such a map as a base for starting to improve the gardens that we have. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the exhibition, it is still ingoing at Tawlet until December 11th



The Fundraiser
The exhibition was followed by a fundraising dinner during which 70 attendees met around Tawlet’s delicious dinner. We would like to thank each and every one of you who made it to the fundraiser. Thanks to you help, we raised 1,100$ which will directly go into funding the next phase: printing of the Beirut Green Guide and its distribution around Beirut. The event and the launch were successful and widely covered by local Press.
We would also like to take the chance to thank our generous sponsors for making the evening possible: 961 Beer, Ixsir Wine, Presella, Editing Printing and Radio Light FM.

You can check all the pictures and tag yourselves here!



With the Beirut Green Guide, you can now browse the map from your computer or mobile, and check all 24 highlighted parks in Beirut, with directions to each one. Each garden has its own page with all the information you need to know about it, descriptions gathered by our team of landscape designers*** and pictures of the space, thanks to our team of talented photographers** who captured them.


One of the main features of the map is the filter option where you can search Beirut’s public green spaces by its main components: Children’s play areas, source of Wi-Fi, pet friendly or existence of toilets. You can also submit new spaces we might have missed: all you have to do is turn on the GPS on your phone and the location will be picked up.


Next Steps

So, what is next for the Beirut Green Guide? We still have a lot to do! First off, we are looking into adding data to the map and gathering more information to make it even richer. We will be collaborating with different entities for that to happen. We would also like to hear from you how the map could serve you better! Drop us a line at to give us your feedback.

Both the ministry of tourism and Municipality of Beirut expressed openness to collaboration on the next steps for the Beirut Green Guide. The municipality will be helping in gathering more information to include in the map.

Once we have the information and the design of the printed map ready, we will print it and distribute it in Beirut. We are looking to partner up with distribution networks, newspapers, magazines, and venues such as hotels and restaurants. Our number#1 goal is to make this map available to the largest number of people possible!

Thank you for making that possible!

Stay tuned for the next steps of the Beirut Green Guide!


* Our map ambassadors are Sara Obeid, Samia Boulad, Nabila Rahhal, Sara Sibai, Michel Boulad, and Celine Khayrallah.

** Photographers for the Beirut Green Guide are Nadim Kamel, Rayya Haddad and Karim Sakr.

*** Landscape designers for the Beirut Green Guide are Pamela Haydamouth, Laurent Ashkar and Karim Naja.


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