Sanayeh garden is now open!

The official opening of René Moawad Garden is this weekend! Head down to Hamra as of today to discover the newly rehabilitated garden by the Municipality of Beirut and Azadea foundation. It includes new greenery, outdoor tables, added and improved children play areas, an exhibition space, bike and running lanes, and of course the big historical fountain that now works!
There are two points that were noted by our team members that had room for improvement:
1) The play area doesn’t have any shade (and we’re entering June today with an average of 30degrees in the daytime!).
2) The access to the grass areas is through newly planted flower lanes, why not have small pedestrian blocks where we can walk instead of having to step on the soil trying to avoid the flowers?

Let’s enjoy and take care of this park!


20140531_163421 20140531_163600 20140531_164744 20140531_164859 20140531_165246 20140531_165559

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3 Responses to Sanayeh garden is now open!

  1. Eddy Chamoun says:

    Great job.

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  3. benihkurma says:

    woooow very inspiring….. great

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