Let’s start the year on a positive page



This is how we want to wish Beirut Green Project family, friends and supporters a happy new year. With a positive first page, and other hundreds like them. Positive Lebanon is a campaign created by Tamyras to celebrate all people who see the cup half full in Lebanon.
The project materialised with the launch of the Positive Lebanon book in December. It’s a guide to all positive initiatives happening around the country.

Let 2015 be the year where we get to know about all these change makers, these initiators, these daring souls who find the strength to look to the positive side even when it’s not always possible. Let’s embrace this positive way of life. It’s believing that only together we can build a positive Lebanon.

So grab the book, read it from cover to cover. Get to know the people featured. Let’s celebrate them, let’s talk about them whenever we have the chance, let’s give them a hand whenever we can and let’s support them whenever it’s possible.

We are honoured to be featured in this book. Find us between the inspiring pages!

Positive Lebanon is available in all bookstores around Lebanon, and for every copy sold, one copy will be donated to a public school or library across the country.

To follow Positive Lebanon: https://www.facebook.com/positivelebanon

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