#1month1park: Parque Guápulo. Quito, Ecuador.



A jungle in the city

Covering  almost 19.57 hectares of untouched green spaces, Parque Guápulo lies at about 30 minutes away  from the center of Quito.

It is  accessed from an entrance on a very narrow street, and, before you know it, a big jungle opens before your eyes and blows you away by its magnitude!

IMG_3659 IMG_4633

Upon entering, you notice that the spaces inside are not really defined: no lines are drawn, no major human interventions are made. Apart from the sign posts which guide park  visitors, nature was left intact.

IMG_4635 IMG_4639

There are very few benches, and most of the space is left to grow freely on its own. Wide undefined green areas give you the freedom to occupy the space as it pleases you, making the park very flexible and alive.

What we most like about it is how virgin it still is.

Parque Guapulo also has an observation deck where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city carved between the mountains. Its location under the cityscape of Quito,spread down below you , gives it a jungle-like feel in the middle of the city.



The park also offers many activities like the observation deck, horse back riding, basketball courts, and children play areas.

Parque Guápulo. Quito, Ecuador.
By Elena Habre.



#1month1park is Beirut Green Project’s latest blog section, where we will be featuring one park a month from across the globe. These blog posts are written by residents of cities around the world who enjoy using their parks and are eager to share their experiences with us.
The purpose of this activity is to showcase some of beautiful parks from around the globe, to get inspired by some of their unique features and solutions, and to highlight the significance and vital need for these spaces for a healthy city life.

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