#1month1park: Barsha park. Dubai, UAE.


Your backyard garden in the city

Al Barsha Pond Park is the closest park to where I live and is my favorite park to go to during the “Dubai winter” months (period stretching from mid November to end of February)

Even though it’s as grandiose as every other structure in Dubai, once you’re inside it feels as cozy as your backyard garden. Inside, you’ll find tennis courts, basketball courts, a volleyball court and a few ping-pong tables scattered here and there; and for the less adventurous ones there are a few fitness machines right before the start line of the running track. It’s almost like an outdoors gym!




Over the weekend (Fridays and Saturdays here) the park becomes a place for families and friends to come together around a picnic lunch which often lasts until dusk. During that time, the park is overcrowded and not as pleasant to be in if you’re not part of the picnic mania. However, after 7 PM it’s a little calmer and, with the park’s lights turned on until 11 pm, you can go back to enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening on a bench overlooking the pond.

IMG_20150123_171426 IMG_20150123_171925 IMG_20150123_172004 IMG_20150123_173614 IMG_20150123_173623


Recently Al Barsha Pond Park initiated a night market concept called the Ripe Night Market. Vendors of organic fruits and veggies, raw foods, baked goods, new food concepts and artists and craftspeople all gather under an array of colorful lights to introduce and sell their products. The food selection is very wide so you are guaranteed to find something that satisfies your craving, from sushi to paella and burgers to parathas…picnic tables are set all over the grass area to use freely while savoring your dinner at the park.



Who would have thought you could ever come across a lush green space like this, which is maintained and always green, right in the middle of these arid lands!


Al Barsha park. Dubai, UAE.

By Eva Badr


#1month1park is Beirut Green Project’s latest blog section, where we will be featuring one park a month from across the globe. These blog posts are written by residents of cities around the world who enjoy using their parks and are eager to share their experiences with us.
The purpose of this activity is to showcase some of beautiful parks from around the globe, to get inspired by some of their unique features and solutions, and to highlight the significance and vital need for these spaces for a healthy city life.

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One Response to #1month1park: Barsha park. Dubai, UAE.

  1. Wadia Badr says:

    It’s beautiful. Want to see it soon.

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