Design is here to Disrupt!

We just spent three days at the Design!/Disrupt ideathon. Three days of scratching our minds, coming up with ideas, letting go of others, developing them with mentors and getting inspired by participants with a great energy for positive change in the country.


Design!/Disrupt was organised by MENA design research centre in partnership with HIVOS and took place at Dawawine in Gemmayzeh.
10 teams with 10 disruptive ideas were selected from more than 90 applications, in 7 different categories. You can read more about the participating teams here.

Dima Boulad from BGP, teamed up with Pamela Haydamous from Green Studios and designer Celine Khairallah to enter the competition with a question:

How do we make use of leftover spaces in Beirut to make it greener?

We were especially inspired by Paul Hugues’ ten meters of thinking presentations that helped us clarify our idea and perfect our pitch.

After three intensive days, we developed our question into a solution that we presented to a jury on Sunday night.

.. And we won!
The project received great feedback and support from the judges. We are very happy to announce that the jury selected our team and gave “Meter Mrabba3” (Square meter) a chance to take part in an exhibition of the winning projects during Beirut Design Week in June 2015.


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.17.43 PM
Congratulations to our fellow winners! Mabrouk to the bomb shelter project, “Khallik metel Sami” and the Beirut River.
Another great environmental project to lookout for: The Beirut River by The Other Dada in collaboration with Made For Brands.

We would like to thank MENA DRC and their partners for this great opportunity. See you at Beirut Design Week in June!






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