BGP at TEDxBeirut

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A few days before TEDxBeirut, I overheard a conversation in a café between two people sitting next to me:

“- Are you going to the TEDxBeirut conference this saturday?
– No. Going to skip it. There is no one important this year. “

The inspiring beauty of TED is that no one has to be “important”. Anyone with a good innovative and inspiring message can be on that stage. Some of the best talks I have watched were of people who didn’t talk about what they do in life, but had an interesting angle looking at it.

Here’s Beirut Green Project’s story as told on TEDxBeirut  last September.
English and arabic subtitles are available for now! (French and Spanish coming next!)

We hope it’s inspiring enough for you to share it widely among your friends, family and colleagues!
Let’s spread the message for a greener Beirut.

If you would like to be a member at Beirut Green Project, please let us know.
You can just fill the google form ( to let us know about you!

Thank you!



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2 Responses to BGP at TEDxBeirut

  1. A very important speech given by a very important person doing very important things. Excellent!

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