Students taking matters into their own hands.

Their names are Sarya Nasser , Rhea Kattan and Celine Slim.

They are students at the International College, and chose Green Spaces in Beirut as their topic for the Pypx activity. They were interested to know about their condition , their availability and the awareness of people about the environmental as well as health benefits of green spaces. So they contacted Beirut Green Project to start their research. Other factors that concerned the girls were urban planning , whose responsibility is the development and maintenance of green spaces and what actions can be taken to improve their conditions, availability as well as awareness.
We met with Sarya, Rhea, and Celine to discuss green spaces in Beirut. 


After doing their research, the girls learned that there are 4 major problems :

1- lack of awareness of the available green spaces.
2- lack of awareness of the importance of green spaces.
3- green spaces are not well maintained.
4- there aren’t enough green spaces .

That lead them to take three actions :
1- Participate in the demonstration of the Horsh Beirut.
2- Write a letter to the elementary school principal to initiate an after school activity to increase awareness .
3- Organize a picnic on May 16th from 11am to 12pm for LL10,000 per person at the Sioufi garden with three objectives in mind. 1st many people do not know the garden , 2nd people will become more aware of the benefits of green spaces , and 3rd the collected funds will be used to buy items to help maintain the garden. They will also help by planting existing plants in the garden.

Sarya, Rhea, and Celine are a perfect example of people who decide to take matters into their own hands to make things better in Beirut. If you would like to, join the girls on their fundraising picnic for Sioufi garden tomorrow at 11am.


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