“Green Your Lunch” campaign

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Green Your Lunch is taking it to the next level. Bored of having lunch at the office? On your desk? In front of the computer? We want to help break the routine!
Starting June 4th and until June 14th, BGP, in collaboration with local restaurants, is proud to offer you meals to be delivered at nearby gardens during your lunch break.
If you want your company to be part of this initiative and enjoy a free lunch in the park, please e-mail us before May the 25th on beirutgreenproject@gmail.com with your company name, location & marketing contact. 10 companies close to the following 10 gardens will be selected to participate with us.

Sanayeh garden (Hamra)
Gebran Khalil Gebran garden (Downtown)
Mufti Hassan Khaled (Verdun)
Sioufi garden (Sioufi)
Jésuites garden (Geitawi)
Capucins garden (Downtown)
Karantina garden (Karantina)
Abdul Rahman el Hout (Downtown- Zkak el Blat)
William Hawi garden (Geitawi)
Horsh Tabet garden (Sin El fil)

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