Green Your Lunch campaign


This year on World Environment Day 2015, we launched a campaign called Green Your Lunch. Seven participating restaurants offered free lunches to seven companies, only to be delivered and enjoyed in a garden nearby.

During two weeks in June, co-workers got the chance to have their lunch offered and delivered to a garden near their workplace so they would enjoy a calm and relaxing green lunch break.

Hats off to our the generous sponsoring  restaurants and the amazing participating companies who made this campaign a success.
For more pictures, please check out our Facebook album here.

If you want to participate in next editions of Green Your Lunch, please drop us a note on
’till next time!

June 5th 2015
Deek Duke & Zoomaal in Gebran Khalil Gebran garden 



June 8th 2015
Bar Tartine & Roche in Capucins garden

roche (117)-2_new

June 10th 2015
T-marbouta & Polypod in Rene Moawad garden 


June 10th 2015
Green Falafel & Wondereight in Horsh Tabet

June 11th 2015
Crepaway & Bestseller in Gebran Khalil Gebran garden 


June 12th 2015
Zaatar w Zeitle Gray in Abdul Rahman el Hout garden 


June 15th 2015
Roadster’s diner & Made for Brands in Jesuits garden




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