Beirut Green Project is a dream; it’s a voice being raised to say that we love green spaces, and that we have the right to have these spaces in our city.

Beirut Green Project is a reaction to the uncontrolled sprawl of cement and buildings eating up our city. We believe in different modes of urban planning that take into account our basic human right to have access to more green spaces.
It all started in 2010, on World Environment Day, with a very impulsive street intervention, which aimed to cleverly point out how ridiculously little green there is in Beirut.

In 2011, we decided to carry on with larger interventions and projects, which not only raise awareness but also aim to change this situation. We formed a small collective of individuals who are frustrated, motivated, and energetic enough to demand more. With all the love and support we have gathered, we are hopeful that someday soon, our dream will become a reality.

This blog is a space where we can all share ideas on how to green our grey city, and where we can share our interventions, events, plans and thoughts on how, together, we can make Beirut a greener place to be.


All pictures on this blog are the property of Beirut Green Project, unless stated otherwise.


22 Responses to About

  1. Sherif says:

    Hey guys!
    I love what you are doing. I remember seeing a pitcure of a small grass patch in downtown and was blown away.

    Yes, yes, yes. We need more green public spaces in Lebanon.

    How can I help?

    What’s next (after the intevention)?

    • N. says:

      المشروع كتير حلو وكتير إلو حاجة
      بس ليش دايماً لغة التواصل بالأجنبي؟
      ما بدكن الناس اللي لغتها الأساسية العربي كمان تتواصل معكن و تفهم مزبوط اللي عمتكتبوه؟
      على كُلِن
      Good Luck
      بكل اللغات

  2. First step is the intervention on June 4th, join us
    and help us spread the word about it !
    At the intervention we will introduce a new idea that will make move forward with concrete goals !

  3. Great project, Your work deserve to be highlighted!

    I would like to invite you to post your video and your photos on http://www.1001cgstories.org/ and enter the contest!

    1001 Stories of Common Ground is a platform, in English, French and Arabic, for proponents of constructive, cooperative change who not only imagine a bright future for the Middle East, but who are shaping their own community accordingly and want to share it with the world. The website brings together videos, photos and written pieces by individuals in the Middle East and North Africa to highlight the positive, peaceful work they are doing in their own communities and countries. These stories might highlight a group of people coming together to rebuild their community after a disaster, activists working together to help someone in need, or leaders from different groups building trust etc.

    We would like to offer you this platform so that you can highlight your activities, share your stories of positive change with activists from the MENA region, and connect and interact with them.

    We invite you to register now and begin participating here: http://www.1001cgstories.org.
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  4. Hi! I’m one of the owners of A NEW EARTH organic & eco-living store.
    I think this is a great intervention! I’ll share the event on our facebook page and if you’d like to put a poster or flyers at the store, you’re most welcome!

  5. Eli says:

    hey guys,

    your probably overwhelmed by people willing to help such a great initiative. so besides showing up at the events i want to offer my help in terms of anything you need when it comes to designs, videos and promotional videos, animation and all that jazz.

    keep it up 😀

  6. Wassim Melki says:

    Hello ! we have the following proposal that we wish to share :

    how is it possible to get in touch with your team? i think we can really make something out of it

    • famuka says:

      Hi Wassim Melki! I love your Beirut wonder forest.
      I hope this idea can be realized even on the older buildings, because of the load.

  7. DaAd says:

    Hi Beirut Green Project. I would like to get in touch with someone from the group to explore a research project proposal. Please email me, or let me know of an email address I can reach you at. Thanks

  8. famuka says:

    a friend sent this link. This project is in Cairo but I think you could implement it also in Beirut.

  9. cupcakeamy says:

    Public green spaces are certainly direly needed, but I would also love to have information about how to create a green wall on a balcony, what types of plants flourish in this climate, etc.

  10. Good question! We could definitely give you a few tips, but your question inspired us to do a bit more research and come up with a complete balcony plan for anyone who would want a green balcony! Are you living in Beirut?

    • cupcakeamy says:

      yes, I am living in ashrafieh. And, I have a couple of other ideas as well…
      (1) it would be great if on your blog you had a list of gardeners/plant shop, say one per neighborhood, with whom BGP had talked about this, so when you go to the plant shop, they have an idea of what you are talking about, can recommend appropriate plants, etc., and
      (2) it would also be neat if the balcony plan had ideas that are helpful for birds – I don’t get them on my balcony, but sometimes on a windowsill. In Matera, Italy, the whole city is made of stone, and so there is no place left for the birds to stop, so the city actually has a program where you can pick up your free birdhouse/feeder to install on your windowsill. Here, instead, it would be nice to know for example if there are flower or fruit-bearing plants that are especially helpful for the kinds of birds that pass here, or what type of birdhouse and seed that could be useful to buy (and where to buy it) – I know birds aren’t BGP’s thing, but it seems interrelated to me… There is a UN project about migratory birds in Lebanon,
      maybe they have ideas they could share, or an expert that could offer advice, and BGP’s role could be to spread the word about it!
      Just brainstorming here, and looking for ways to green my little piece of the city! 😉

  11. carine says:

    hi im very interested in your work and your work and i was wondering if there is any way we can volunteer in your organization

  12. Sure Carine! Drop us an email at beirutgreenproject@gmail.com and we can discuss details!

  13. Fabia says:

    dear folks,
    last week i took a photo of one of your tags near beirut art center. a friend told me to hand it in to a photo contest that is run by an austrian newspaper, die presse, which is part of this years vienna art fair. and guess what: the photo made it to the final selection!
    check the following link to see it (and vote for it, if you like):
    all the best & greetings from berlin,

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