Green your Lunch Break

Green your lunch break is a series of meet-ups for lunches organized in spring and summer, each time in a different park. The point is to enjoy a good time in a green area and discover the various parks around Beirut. Stay tuned for the new schedule for this year, we’re going to have the Lunch breaks on Saturdays!


What is Green your Lunch Break?

Now that summer is back, we are taking our lunch breaks in a park again! “Green your Lunch Break” will be happening soon starting April 20th 2013!

We invite everyone in the area to join us for a fun hour in the park! A great way to liven up a dull day, to get some fresh air and meet some new people! So bring your lunch, your friends, and yourselves, and come green your lunch break with us!

  ? “Green Your Lunch Break” ما هو 

بعد عودة فصل الصيف، سوف نأخذ إستراحة الغذاء في الحدائق العامة عن جديد!

تغذّى بالجنينة” هو إلتقاء مرتين كل شهر في حديقة مختلفة في بيروت للتعرف على الحدائق في المدينة.

ندعو أي شخص في المنطقة الى الانضمام الينا لمدة ساعة ممتعة في الحديقة! هذا الإلتقاء هو طريقة لبث الحياة والخضار في يوم ممل، فرصة للحصول على بعض الهواء النقي والإلتقاء بناس جديدة ! أحضر غذائك، وأصدقائك، وإنضم إلينا يوم الأربعاء القادم!

Our previous lunch breaks in 2011 and 2012

Sioufi garden
Directions to Sioufi garden:

Green your Lunch Break in Sioufi Garden, July 2011

Zokak el Blat
Directions to Zokak el Blat garden: 

Green your Lunch break in Zokak el Blat garden, September 2011

Jésuites Garden, Geitawi
Directions to Jesuites Garden:

Green your lunch break in Jesuites Garden, October 2011

Sanayeh garden, Spears
Directions to Sanayeh garden:

Green Your Lunch Break, Sanayeh garden, April 18th 2012.

Saint Nicolas garden, Charles Malek Avenue
Directions to Saint Nicolas garden:

Green Your Lunch break at Saint Nicolas Park, Achrafieh, May 2nd 2012.

William Hawi park, Geitawi
Directions to William Hawi garden in Geitawi:

Green your lunch break at William Hawi garden, Geitawi, May 16th, 2012.

Mufti Hassan Khaled Garden, Tallet el Khayyat
Directions to the garden:

Green your lunch break in Hassan Mufti garden, on June 6th 2012

Gebran Khalil Gebran garden, Downtown Beirut
Directions to the garden:  Downtown, in front of ESCWA building 

Green your lunch break in Gebran garden, July 2012

Horsh Tabet garden, Sin el Fil 

Green your lunch break in Horsh tabet garden, October 13th 2012



1 Response to Green your Lunch Break

  1. Myriam AZNAVOURIAN says:

    Dear Beirut Green Project,

    I am contacting you to get information about your project. Can you send me a mobile phone to communicate with someone from your team?

    Myriam aznavourian
    Head of Communication
    Sanofi Lebanon

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